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HOA Bylaws and Covenants

Highlighted below are some of the major points in the WPHA Covenants and in the Bylaws.  For the official wording and precise legal explanation of these same points and others not mentioned here, please consult your copies of the two documents, which you should have received from your lawyer at closing.  


You may view pdf versions by clicking the below links: 




Article II, Section 7, Parking Rights.  Subject to Article VIII ownership of each lot shall entitle the Owner may choose to delegate, to the use of not more than two automobiles parking spaces, which shall adjoin Owner’s Lot, together with the right of ingress and egress in, to and upon such parking areas.  The Association may regulate or wholly prohibit the parking of boats, trailers, and other such items on Common Area.  Unless prohibited by subsequent action of the Association, boats, campers, trailers and commercial vehicles shall be parked only in the Common Area in such spaces designated by the Association.  No disabled vehicle, whether temporarily or permanently disabled, shall be parked in any parking space or parking area. The Association considers a vehicle to be “disabled” if it is not in working mechanical condition or does not carry a valid license plate with current tag.

Article VIII, Section 2, Use of Properties.  (c) No house trailers shall be permitted on any lot.  Boats trailers, campers, tents, or temporary building shall not be permitted on any lot except in areas approved by the association.

Article VIII, Section 3, Hobbies and Activities: The assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles and other mechanical devices, which might tend to cause disorderly, unsightly, or unkempt conditions, shall not be pursued or undertaken on any part of any lot or Common Area.

Given the current state of parking in the common areas, owners must secure written permission for the parking of boats, campers, trailers, and commercial vehicles in the designated parking areas.

In addition to the above covenants, the Board has added the following rules:

  1. No parking anytime on either side of Berryhill.

  2. No parking on the grass or landscaped areas.

  3. No regular third-party storage of vehicles in the Common Area (Do not have non-residents park their unused vehicles here: we do not have enough space). 

  4. Guests attending temporary functions (parties etc.) must park in the designated lots (adjacent to the playground and across from 105 Weatherhill Pointe) unless they are full.  At no time should guests park on the grass.

  5. Vehicles blocking the right of way on any street may be subject to immediate towing.

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